We Believe What We Do

Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash

Devotion does not end at a shrine or image. It is only authentic when it reaches all the way into ourselves and into our lifestyle with an utterly transforming power.” 

— David Richo, The Sacred Heart of the World.

In the book, All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai, the main character’s sister Greta has a simple philosophy of life–we believe what we do. According to her, our belief system reflects how we spend our time each day.

To demonstrate this, she created an app called MapU. It begins by asking us to list our values and other issues near and dear to us.

What do we value most? Would we type in Health? Equality? Justice? Spirituality?

This is what we say we believe.

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A Curious Question #6: How are you making Christmas feel like Christmas this year?

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving felt like a non-event this year. I usually spend it with a house full of family, all of whom are amazing cooks. There’s always a buzz of activity along with great food and spirited conversation. This year, it was just me and my two sons. And although we had a nice conversation around the table and made a few of our favorite dishes, it just wasn’t the same. Thanksgiving didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

Because of this, I’m feeling the need to make sure Christmas feels like Christmas. And I think lots of other people are feeling the same way I do.

Here’s why.

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