The Dance of Nature

a good spot to watch the dance of nature // author’s photo

trees sway to the music of the wind
while lakes groove to a melody all their own
bubbling up from a sound deep within
and pulled by the tune of the moon

clouds glide and twirl
following a slow and gentle rhythm
as bugs dart and dash 
to a high-paced staccato beat

gulls waltz and swing
flowing with grace and beauty
as toads jump and jive
amongst bobbing and bending grasses

and the sun
that glorious conductor
stretching and waving its beaming arms
illuminates all of nature’s dancers
inviting me to join the party

each being a unique expression
yet all intimate partners 
in the interwoven
tango of nature

a curious firefly, © 2022

This poem was inspired by a recent trip to a cabin near the boundary waters of Minnesota.

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