The Universe Within Us

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

within me exists a universe
of delightful sparkling stars
and densely heavy planets
of swiftly swimming salmon thoughts 
and lumbering whale-sized emotions
of chartreuse green ideas springing to life
and ones yet to form
under the depths of winter’s ice

an inner world
filled with azure cloudless skies
and thundering powerful earth-quaking storms
a rich and loamy earth
packed with squirmy worms
and persistent pests
and playful pansies

a garden of marvelous treasures
to be dug up 
and discovered

within me exists so much more 
that the suitcase of my skin suggests

and I know within you 
exists an entirely different universe
with gems equally as unique and precious 
waiting to be revealed

so let’s sit together
quietly taking each other in
with our eyes and ears and soul
allowing each other to roam the vastness 
and wonders
of the universe
dwelling inside each of us

a curious firefly, © 2022

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