Curious Questions #16 & 17: What’s Your Word for 2022 and Can You Help with Mine?

Diana by Prof. George Sturm

Last year, I wrote a post about a friend who chooses a word for the new year instead of making resolutions. I love this idea and for the past few years, I’ve done the same. Last year, my word was explore and I must say my year lived up to my word.

I discovered a number of new hiking and biking trails and took a great solo trip to explore Door County, WI–a place I’d always wanted to visit.

I’ve also spent a lot of time this year exploring meditation on my own and in a group setting. Both have proved to be quite beneficial and rewarding.

And I’ve been exploring another platform for my writing and have posted a number of articles there. Needless to say, in exploring that site I’ve been neglecting this one. It’s been hard to keep up with both.

But back to this “Word of the Year” thing. For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what my word for 2022 will be. During this pondering, I came upon the above print in a folder of art images from my Great Grandfather.

This image intrigues me and I’m going to have it framed for my upcoming birthday. I believe it holds my word for the new year, but I can’t quite settle on exactly what that word is.

Maybe you can help.

I’m sure my two sons will say the word is ‘dog’. I can hear them now. “Mom, she has a dog by her side. You need one, too.” They’ve been pestering me for the last two years to get one.

But ‘dog’ isn’t my word. Sorry, boys. I’m not getting a dog.

What I see in this image is a woman who’s focused, yet relaxed. She’s feminine, yet strong. She’s ready to launch her arrow but has paused. Maybe this pause is about determining if her aim is true. Maybe it’s about confirming her intention. What’s she launching her arrow towards and why? That’s what I see and the idea I want to capture. But I can’t seem to land on one word that sums this up.

So, dear readers, I’m asking for your help. What word sums up this image? Maybe it’s more than one word?

I welcome your thoughts along with hearing what your word is for 2022. Please share! I always enjoy connecting with you.

Wishing you and yours a very healthy and joy-filled 2022!

3 thoughts on “Curious Questions #16 & 17: What’s Your Word for 2022 and Can You Help with Mine?

  1. I don’t wonder what she’s launching her arrow towards. I think this is about her mind state: intentional. Diana’s gaze and posture are practiced and intentional (steady gaze and pinkies out!). As goddess of the hunt, I think she had to be mindful of long-term needs as well as realistic about that which was right in front of her. And if she missed the mark? She gave herself grace, learned from it, and moved on, as goddesses must. No beating herself up. And look at those killer arms…so I think this is telling you to add more chaturanga to 2022. The answer is always yoga, Karin 😉
    My word for 2022 … hmmmm … so many words to choose from! I will think about this. Thanks for the nudge.

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    1. Thanks you for your beautiful and insightful comments, Norma! She indeed embodies all of the things you mention. And I love the push towards more yoga!! That will definitely be a part of 2022. Thank you, my friend! 🙂


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