A Curious Question #14: Are you paying attention to the pebbles?

I was in a difficult situation this week. I won’t go into details right now because the experience is still too raw and emotional. I will say it happened on a hike that required a rescue team. I guess my companion and I took my word for the year–explore–a bit too far.

As my companion hiked above me, there was a point when a few small pebbles tumbled down and bumped into me. Were they a warning of things to come?


They did catch my attention. They made me pause and reconsider what we were trying to attempt.

As I reflect on this almost a week later, I’m reminded of something I once heard on an Oprah podcast. She said when we need to make changes in our life or when we’re on the wrong path, the universe will throw pebbles to get our attention. If we don’t pay attention to the pebbles, the universe will throw us a brick.

Even though she wasn’t referring to actual pebbles, her words held true for me that day. The pebbles that bumped into me did make me pause. We were on a precarious path. I guess the Universe will use both metaphorical pebbles and actual ones to get our attention.

And although the pebbles caused me to change my course of direction, I wasn’t able to relay this to my companion. I know I’m carrying the weight of this more than I should, but at the present moment, it’s a bit hard not to. I ask everyone reading this to send healing thoughts his way.

So my curious question this time may be more for pondering, reflection and a heartful warning. Are you paying attention to the pebbles the Universe is tossing your way? The nudges? The bumps?

As always, I’d welcome any thoughts you’d like to share.

5 thoughts on “A Curious Question #14: Are you paying attention to the pebbles?

  1. Hey there lovely. I’m so sorry your companion was injured. I believe in this wholeheartedly! Sometimes we go where we’re not equipped to handle, or not ready for yet, and the Universe will get our attention. You were paying attention and paused, which is becoming more rare nowadays. The paying attention and placing a hand on the pause button. ❤

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