When My Sister Speaks

Me and my sister

When my sister speaks
Her words are like a poem
Each one carefully and beautifully chosen
They glide from her lips with ease and grace

When my sister speaks
Her words are soft
They convey her kindness
They reveal the depth of her generosity

When my sister speaks
Her words are full of wisdom
They are brimming with understanding
They overflow with empathy

When my sister speaks
Her words offer comfort
Like a cozy, warm blanket
They soothe my soul

When my sister speaks
She easily expresses what I struggle to say
She understands my intention
She knows my heart

When my sister speaks
I know I’ve been seen
I know I’ve been heard
And I know I’m loved

And today as we celebrate the anniversary
Of her joyful arrival here on earth
I’m filled with gratitude
For her presence in my life
For our precious friendship
And for her gift of always knowing
The words I need to hear

Today, I offer her my words and the words of Hugh Prather:

“I am comfortable around my friend. For reasons unclear to me, she loves me. She has seen me blunder; she is aware of my annoying self-indulgences, my private habits.

All of the things I thought no one could know about me and still love me, she knows. In her presence, I have little to guard against because she distills me from my words.

We have been together a long time, and now some grace within her can see me even when her eyes are open”

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, my dear sister.
Love you much
Today and always

9 thoughts on “When My Sister Speaks

  1. I have basked in the glow of these words all day. You were my first friend, and have loved me through all the joys and hurts of growing up and of raising a family. I learned how to be a devoted friend from you. I am so grateful I get to be your sister, too. I love you!

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  2. You have a lovely heart. You see all those lovely traits in your sister because they already exist in you.
    Wish I had a sister like you. You’re blessed.
    Happy birthday to your sister. She’s lucky to have you.
    All the best. I wish you miracles.

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