My Many Colorful Friends

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

In the children’s book “My Many Colored Days”, Dr. Seuss connects the way his energy and feelings change each day to different colors. He writes, “Some days are yellow. Some days are blue. On different days, I’m different too.”

This idea of connecting feelings to colors resonates with me. I believe colors have personalities. They each have their own unique energy. From the springing to life chartreuse green of sprouting leaves to the calm warmth of an apricot pink sunset, colors evoke a variety feelings in me. Each one carries its own qualities and characteristics.

Although I don’t usually connect days to colors in the way Dr. Seuss describes, I do have similar quirky habit. When I get to know a friend, they become a color to me. It has nothing to do with outer appearances, but rather who they are on the inside. Sometimes their color changes as I get to know them better. Sometimes it changes with different life experiences.

My life’s crayon box abounds with my many colorful friends.

The orange ones add zest to my days. They’re full of energy and a sense of adventure. They show me how to be spontaneous and live in the moment. They encourage me to try new things.

I go to my yellow friends when I’m feeling down. Their sunny disposition is a sure-fire way to brighten my mood. They live on the happy side of life and help me to see the good in any situation.

The green ones are my down-to-earth friends. They keep me grounded. In their kind and helpful ways, they challenge me to become a better person and encourage me to grow.

I count on the blues ones when I’m going through a difficult time. They’re good with handling emotions. They offer guidance to navigate the seas of troubled waters. They anchor me when the waves of hard feelings knock me around. They help me stay afloat. They keep me from sinking.

The red ones teach me courage. They’re brave and bold. These friends demonstrate how to set and hold boundaries. They show me that it’s possible to speak up for what I need with strength and grace.

My purple friends are the wise ones. From philosophical to practical, they always have good, sound advice. Their wisdom is born from experience along with a solid connection to their intuition. They help me learn how to trust what my gut is telling me.

The pink ones radiate unconditional love. They see the good in others. They have a kindness that oozes out of them in the most lovely way. Being around them just feels good.

Each color holds its own unique gift. Each brings its own vibrancy. I learn something from every hue. I enjoy every shade.

I need each one.

I appreciate each one.

I cherish all of my many colorful friends.

a curious firefly, © 2021

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