Just Stop Too, Too

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Not to go on another rant, but there’s another word I’ve decided I need to stop using. It’s a small three letter word but it still packs the punch of a four letter one.

The word?


As in,
I’m too curious.
I’m too picky.
I’m too impulsive.

No, no and no.

I am curious.
I am picky.
I am impulsive.

Okay–maybe I’m really curious, picky and impulsive, but I’m not “too” of any of those things.

I’ll admit, it’s taken me 54 years to own these traits about myself. And it’s about time. Just because I’m all these things–maybe even really all these things–doesn’t mean I’m too much of any of them.

I encourage you to do the same. When you start to describe yourself as too much of something, just stop. Embrace who you are. Love who you are. You aren’t too much of anything. You just are.

Now that’s a much better use of the word just. Don’t you think so, too?

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