A Curious Question #12: What’s your favorite part of spring?

April 2020

One of the things I love about living in Minnesota is the change of seasons. Each one has a different energy and aspect to appreciate. The rhythm and cycle of the seasons help me feel connected to the earth and to nature. They keep me grounded.

Although parts of the country have had some crazy weather this year, we’ve had a particularly mild winter and it looks like the forecast for the next week or so will be quite warm. As I flip my calendar page to March and feel the shift in seasons approaching, my thoughts turn to what I love most about spring.

While I enjoy all the seasons, spring is my favorite. The energy of aliveness that awakens after the barren winter is contagious.

What makes me smile the most is when all the trees begin to sprout their leaves. Seeing that oh-so-brief and beautiful stubble of chartreuse green on a sea of branches brings me such joy. It’s one of my favorite colors.

So I ask you, dear readers. What’s your favorite part of spring? As always, I welcome your thoughts and words.

5 thoughts on “A Curious Question #12: What’s your favorite part of spring?

  1. I agree with you, we’ve had incredible weather for really almost the past one year! Maybe this is God’s way of smiling down on us during a pandemic. This coming week looks beautiful. I love hearing the return of birds chirping, and I always look forward to running outside again. That might occur even earlier, this year, than typical April!

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  2. Great post! I went on a run the other day and saw so many budding leaves with the pale chartreuse green color you mention, and thought of you. It’s beautiful. Also I enjoy the return of birds and birds chirping in the morning. So very nice! Happy spring.


    1. Yes! I noticed the chartreuse green sprouting on the trees here the other day as well. That color is like new life to me. It’s hopeful and energizing.
      The birds and their early morning greetings are enjoyable too. Another favorite part of spring! Thanks for your response, Heather!


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