A Curious Question #11: Why do you write?

Photo by Rachel Coyne on Unsplash

I heard an interview once with the wife of Dr. Seuss and she shared something that surprised me. She said that he didn’t write for others. He wrote for himself. If people liked what he wrote, so be it! But that wasn’t the reason he wrote.

I try to follow this example.

I write for myself.

I write from the heart.

I write what I like to read.

Still, there’s a small part of me that hopes what I write will resonate with someone. I find it’s a nice way to connect with people. So mostly I write for myself, but there’s a small seed inside me looking to grow blogging relationships and to bond with others too.

So dear readers, why do you write? That seed of growing connections along with my intense curiosity would love to know. I welcome you responses!

12 thoughts on “A Curious Question #11: Why do you write?

  1. I started writing because I want to help others. But also because I enjoy it. I believe the best way to help others is by doing something you enjoy as-well. That way it feels effortless. Good question firefly. ๐Ÿ™


      1. I think writing for yourself is smart advice. Ultimately I do that as well. I write about what Iโ€™m interested in. I feel like you have to do that if you want to sustain the habit longer term. My hope is that it helps others as well of course. But I also write to connect. To challenge. To be challenged. To express myself and my emotions. Come to think of it there are loads of reasons I write.

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  2. I really like that saying: writing is cheaper than therapy. You can “work through” a lot of issues or ideas or challenging times simply by writing about them. I have also found that writing makes me a better communicator in almost all other areas, too, whether it’s verbal or written, doctor-patient or just talking with friends and family. I do think Dr. Seuss is primarily correct!

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    1. So true! I write to process issues I’m working through as well. I hadn’t thought it making one a better communicator in other areas. I hope that’s a benefit I’ll discover from all the writing I’ve been doing too! Thanks for your thoughtful response, Heather!


  3. I also write to make me happy. I feel like I’m setting something free. A small part of me dreams though of a reader telling me, “what you wrote changed my life,” or something of that nature. Books have given me friends when I am lonely, I loved that feeling, and only want to give that to someone else too.

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