Sometimes Love Arrives in Packages We Aren’t Expecting

My son Wyatt

My sister recently shared an email with me from a consultant she follows named Ritu. In the email, Ritu talks about reframing our thoughts on love and the different ways it may show up in our lives. She included a quote from Bishop Jakes that went something like this:

“We expect to find the love we want in the packages we want it to be in. But the Universe sends us the love we need, often in packages we might not expect.”

It was a timely email to read because I’ve been thinking lately about sharing how love arrived on my doorstep last fall in a package I hadn’t been expecting.

Where’s my package?

Last September, I’d been looking for love in the form of a boyfriend. That’s the package I had in mind anyway, and the one thought I needed.

But as hard as I tried to find someone, no one showed up. I became a bit frantic trying to find a man to spend time with, knowing that restaurants and bars would be closing again due to COVID. I didn’t want to spend the winter alone. I begged and pleaded with the Universe many times.

Please, oh please, send me somebody to love and hang out with this winter.

Special delivery

During this time, my youngest son was at a crossroads. He’d been attending college about 350 miles away. He was supposed to be starting his third year but was having second thoughts. He realized he was in the wrong major and at the wrong college. He needed to take a semester off to do some soul searching. So he left his college apartment and moved in with me.

After he arrived, it dawned on me, just as Bishop Jakes so rightly stated, the Universe had answered my pleas for love in a package that I hadn’t expected. I’d asked for a man to spend time with this winter—someone to love and share meals, conversations, and hugs.

And the wise and benevolent Universe answered by sending me my son.

Love showed up on my doorstep in the most beautiful package, one I wasn’t expecting at all. It was exactly what I needed.

Tracking our packages

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m taking some time to think about other unexpected packages of love that arrived when I needed them most. I encourage you to do the same.

The Universe sends us love all the time. We just need to be open to seeing that it may arrive in a package different from what we’re expecting.

What are some unexpected package of love that have shown up for you?

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Love Arrives in Packages We Aren’t Expecting

    1. Thank you, Heather! Yes, love does take on many shapes and forms from our children, to our siblings, parents, friends, pets and even from people we meet through blogging! We just need to see it and be open to receiving it.


  1. It’s great that you have had time to connect with your son and to support him as he makes life-altering decisions. It’s true that the pandemic has made socializing difficult. May it soon be over! May many charming gentlemen cross your path until you find the right one. ❤ All the best, Karin!

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    1. Thank you for you kind words, Cheryl! I feel blessed to have this time with my son. It’s been a good opportunity to connect. And I appreciate your wish for some charming gentlemen to cross my path someday. That’d be fantastic! 🙂


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