A Curious Question #6: How are you making Christmas feel like Christmas this year?

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving felt like a non-event this year. I usually spend it with a house full of family, all of whom are amazing cooks. There’s always a buzz of activity along with great food and spirited conversation. This year, it was just me and my two sons. And although we had a nice conversation around the table and made a few of our favorite dishes, it just wasn’t the same. Thanksgiving didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

Because of this, I’m feeling the need to make sure Christmas feels like Christmas. And I think lots of other people are feeling the same way I do.

Here’s why.

During the holiday season, I volunteer at a Lions Club Christmas tree lot. We order 550 trees and it usually takes us from Thanksgiving until late December to sell all of them. This year, we sold out in 8 days.

Christmas trees have become the new toilet paper. Everyone is clambering for one during the pandemic.

Seems like we all need a little Christmas.

Right this very minute.

Candles in the windows.

Carols at the spinet (or Carols in the spinach as my family used to sing.)

So my question today is this: How are you making Christmas feel like Christmas this year? Please share with me. I welcome your ideas!!

7 thoughts on “A Curious Question #6: How are you making Christmas feel like Christmas this year?

  1. We normally buy a fresh tree at Christmas, but you’re right. They all sold out in about a week. So, this year I bought my first artificial tree in 20 years. It’s made of tinsel and is almost obscene in it’s sparkleness. Things are different, but we can choose to embrace it. Merry Christmas to you and yours darling!

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  2. I am normally a last-minute shopper for more than half the gifts I want to buy, and I am usually wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve just hours before they’re opened. This year I had to mail boxes to the girl and I wanted to be able to see the gifts and wrap them rather than have them shipped to her. Opening a hand-wrapped gift is so much better than opening a brown paper box! That meant I had to be organized and order or shop for everything early, especially since the shipping companies seem to be lagging from their normally prompt shipping times. I have 99% of gifts purchased, I shipped those that needed to be shipped (and they arrived safely with plenty of time to spare), and I have more than 90% of all gifts wrapped already. This is an usual year for me!

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  3. I too felt Thanksgiving was a bust! Looking forward to a traditional Christmas Eve, we’ve been through enough. With my family of four, Mom and Dad, and two siblings with spouses, we total just 10. It’s worth it to me to spend time together in person. Low risk; not zero, but low enough for me.

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