A Curious Question #5: What’s The Color Of Your Life Right Now?

Photo credit: Wyatt Furois

Every once in awhile, I come across a thought provoking bio on the dating app I use. Recently, I matched with someone who wrote,

 “There is so much more to life than the limited perspective that things must be black or white. I want to embrace the grey and all the other colors of life.”

This man happens to be in a bit of a pickle right now, separated from his wife emotionally but living with her due to a complicated medical situation. It’s a hard place to be and I don’t completely understand it yet. But what I do know is that life is often not black or white. Life is often a shade of grey or another color in between. 

Our minds often want to pick sides and to be right in our choice. But sometimes there’s a bit of right on both sides. And sometimes we may find the best way is a color in between–a middle way. If we can see things with our heart instead of our mind, we begin to understand and embrace all the colors of life we find ourselves and others to be living in.

So, I asked him what he considers the color of his life to be right now. He replied that it felt like the golden yellow of fall. He’s in the process of shedding leaves and moving on to something new. I love that visual. Sounds so much more beautiful than the limited perspective of black and white, doesn’t it?

Life is best lived in technicolor. 

So, today I ask you–what’s the color of your life right now? Please share below. I’d love to read your response.

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