Using this Pandemic to Pause and Reset

Turn and face the strange

from “Changes” by David Bowie

Because of the pandemic, I’ve been spending a lot of time alone–much more than I’d like to be. It feels like my life has hit the pause button. It reminds me of when I first left my former husband. At that point in time, the song of my life needed to change and spending time alone to pause gave me the space to think about what I wanted the next song to be.

I wrote about this pause between being married and not married in a post on the called “Silence is Where the Magic Happens“. And although the circumstances are different today, the pandemic has created a similar pause. What’s different now, though, is that this one is collective. We are all in this one together.

What I’ve learned about pauses is that they can create the space for transformation and change. Pauses can be a time to reassess our lives and determine what matters most to us. They give us the opportunity to evaluate who we are now and who we want to become. They can be like pushing both the pause and the reset button as well.

Pauses can bring up both beautiful and messy things. Because of this, they are not always easy. For me, some days I feel content and grateful for this time of introspection and change. Other days I feel like a frustrated, sad and angry toddler. I want to cry, “NO! ENOUGH ALREADY! I DON’T WANT TO!”

Pauses bring into clear focus the things that are working for us and the things that aren’t that we need to change. And although it may seem hard, if we turn and face these changes, it can be like the ending of an old song and the beginning of a brand new one. Like hitting a reset button, we can hold onto and save the things that dear to us and let go of the things that aren’t.

Since we’re in this pause and reset together, it seemed fitting to revisit my post on the mudroomblog. Click here to read it.

Then share with me what you’d like your next life song to be.

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