Especially the Bed

Living alone has its perks.

Having the whole place to myself, especially the bed can feel like a luxury. I can eat what I’d like when I’d like and play only the music I want to hear. I can be as tidy or as messy as I choose. And when it comes to the bed, I can stretch out across the entire space and the covers are never stolen. 

But living alone can also be a drag.

My place can be too quiet and feel too spacious when it is just me. Sharing a home creates a strong connection with another person. There’s a give and take involved–and when done well–both parties become better people through the experience.

And when it comes to the bed, well, there’s nothing else quite like sharing that space. A intimate connection is created when you sleep with someone. By this I am not just referring to having sex, but also to the act of actually falling asleep with someone next to you. It is a private and personal experience that involves vulnerability and deep trust. There are certain intimate conversations that can only take place in the bed. It’s a very unique space.

About a year ago, I was introduced to the Mudroom Blog by my friend Jessica and decided to submit something I had written. I was so thrilled when they posted my first submission “Silence is Where the Magic Happens”. This encouraged me to continue writing and since then, they have posted a few more of my pieces. The theme for this month, “Waiting, Longing and Desire” resonated with me and reminded me of a conversation I had with two friends last year about the ups and downs of living alone. The Mudroom will be posting the reflections I had on that conversation today in a piece I wrote called “Especially the Bed”. 

Once again, I am so grateful to the staff at The Mudroom for accepting and posting my writing. Their site explores many interesting topics with submissions from a wide variety of great writers. I encourage you to follow it and visit often.

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