A Juicy, Fruitful Life

I have noticed that for most people, the word divorce rolls off the tongue like any other word, but it is not that way for me. When I try to say it, I feel my throat tighten and when someone else says it, I feel myself flinch. The word holds pain and sorrow–so much so that when asked about my marital status, I prefer to say I am no longer married rather than using that word.

For a short period of time, I was seeing a great life coach who helped me with many things, one of which was re-framing this aspect of my life. She encouraged me to come up with my own definition for the word. I tried to see beyond what I was experiencing at that time, and came up with this definition:

Divorce: A deep, dark, difficult decision, out of which rises a door, through which discovery, development and a new direction are possible.

Now that I am through the door of this difficult life event, one thing I am discovering is the need to express myself in a new way. As I wrote in my blog post “Walking Out and Cracking Open”, I am experiencing a strong urge to explore what is going on inside me through words. I have been working to develop it through this blog and also with submissions to The Mudroom. Their theme for the month of July, “Authenticity and Coming Out of Hiding” resonated with me and inspired me to write “A Juicy, Fruitful Life”, which they posted earlier this week.

I am so grateful to Tammy at The Mudroom for accepting and posting my writing. Her site explores many interesting topics with submissions from a wide variety of great writers. I encourage you to visit it often.

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