There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Although the origins of this saying are debated, the message is clear. When we are ready to learn something, the lesson will arrive. 

And when we are truly ready, the lessons seem to pile on.

Like waves crashing on a beach, the lessons just keep coming and coming.

Life can be relentless that way.

And although life can be relentless in presenting us with the lessons we need to learn, the gift is that it also offers us guidance.

It can show up anywhere–in the lyrics of a song, in a comment from a friend, or in the words written on the back of a truck. Like seeing a small firefly in a dark sky, this guidance is an aha moment and a spark of illumination. If we pay attention to these moments and stay curious, we remain open to what life is trying to teach us.

This blog is about approaching all of life’s lessons with curiosity and openness. I believe life is a classroom and we are all here to support each other as we learn and grow. I aspire to be a curious firefly and hope that in some small way, sharing the lessons I’ve learned will create a quiet glow that inspires curiosity in you as well.

I welcome your comments and insights and invite you to share your own illuminating lessons.